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How to Get Through Your Dental Appointment if Nervous

Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. He was born and educated in Manchester and is now the owner of the successful Langley Dental Practice. Tariq Drabu wanted to provide advice and suggestions to patients who are nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist.


For some people, a visit to the dentist is the worst thing that they can go through. These people will actually stay in absolute agony rather than having the tooth treated. The good news for nervous patients is that dentists these days are knowledgeable and prepared for nervous patients and with the right dentist by your side that understands your fear, your appointment can be handled quickly and effectively.


Make dental practice aware


The first thing you want to do is to advise the dental team of your phobia. Dental phobia is very real and the entire team should be able to help you throughout the dental treatment, helping to keep you calm and reassure you as and when needed.


From the first time you call the practice to make your appointment, mention to the receptionist that you are nervous. They will be able to put a note on your file, so when you arrive on the day, the team will immediately go out of their way to help keep your nerves at minimum.


Deep breaths


It is definitely worthwhile to learn some relaxation breathing techniques to help you manage your nerves on the day of the appointment and while at the dentist. Tariq Drabu advised that breathing techniques are very effective for patients, helping them calm themselves and also giving them something to focus on rather than the dentist chair.


Speak to your dentist


When you are called through to see the dentist, Tariq Drabu recommends that you advise the dentist as soon as you see them that you are nervous. Dentists are used to having patients nervous and they will be able to work with you to find ways that can reduce your fears.


Some people are not actually afraid of the dentist, but have a phobia of needles. For some its the sound of the drill and for others, they may have had a bad experience as a child.


Your dentist having knowledge of your fears can help them change the plan so that they minimize the fear considerably. They can also keep you updated on what they are doing and what will be happening next, so you are prepared.


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