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Tariq Drabu Helps Patients Get a Better Understanding of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used extensively in dentistry as a way to preserve the natural tooth after it has been damaged. The tooth may be cracked or chipped and the cap fits over the tooth, providing it with a strong outer shell, while enabling the patient to keep their natural tooth for as long as possible.


What is a crown


Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon, has advised that a dental crown is a cap which is made to fit over a tooth. The cap is made out of a composite material which is exceptionally strong and durable, It provides an outer shell for a damaged tooth, which eliminates the need for the patient to have their tooth extracted.


Restore the tooth


The dental crown restores the tooth shape and size. The benefit to this is that patients can keep their natural teeth as long as possible, protecting it under a strong shell which can help reduce the risk of further damage, injury or sensitivity moving forward.


Improve appearance


By being able to cover a discoloured, broken, chipped or cracked tooth, mouth appearance is automatically improved. Patients will find that they get a boost of confidence, they feel better about their smile and they can enjoy years of use without worrying the tooth will break. Tariq Drabu did advise that patients mustn’t be under the false impression that a crown will not break and must take care of it along with their natural teeth, brushing and flossing regularly to ensure the best level of oral hygiene at all times.




When you visit the dentist a mould will be taken of your mouth, ensuring that your dental crown is made to your unique oral specifications. When the crown is fitted, it is cemented into place with a strong bonding material to ensure that the tooth remains strong and you can use it, eating with it with confidence now and in the future.


Oral Hygiene


Tariq Drabu mentioned that patients cannot slow down on their oral hygiene routines once they have the crown fitted. In fact, it is imperative that patients continue with an excellent oral health routine as per their dentists suggestions. This includes brushing their teeth twice daily for two minutes at least per brushing. Patients must floss at least once a day and they need to attend routine dental appointments.


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